Masters of Their Own Destinies

It’s always great to hear from our graduates, and there has been a lot of exciting news recently from graduates of the MSc Sport Science concerning new career moves in the UK and overseas:

mike h


Mike Hewitt is a Product Specialist for ConMed Australia in Western Australia, a position which allows him to use his biomechanics knowledge in providing orthopaedic surgeons with surgical support and sports medicine product knowledge. Mike says “My role requires attending surgery to provide the surgeon and their operating team with support when using ConMed’s orthopaedic products. Typical cases include repairing a torn rotator cuff / labrum, reconstruction of an ACL/PCL ligament, and repair of a fractured condyle.”


Mark Harrison is Managing Director and Co-Founder of My Endurance, a company offering sports supplements especially for the endurance athlete. Mark acquired his expertise in this area from working for Monster Supplements and his own experiences as a competitive triathlete.
Sandro Dias has started a PhD in Strength and Conditioning in the Faculty of Human Kinetics at the University of Lisbon. This builds on work he previously undertook as a sports scientist at Woodhouse Training Lab in Cascais, Portugal and the Academy Strength & Conditioning Coach at Cascais Rugby.
Jo Osborn focused on nutrition projects during her course and is putting this knowledge to good use at Social Change UK, where she is the editor of Relish Magazine and is also involved with their MenuLab product.


We would to like to wish them all the best in their new positions, and would love to receive updates from other graduates of any of our programmes.


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