Developing A Fitness Mentor Scheme for Lincolnshire Police

The School has partnered with Lincolnshire Police to develop an innovative project that will support the wellbeing of their staff through the introduction of fitness mentors. Dr Hannah Henderson, Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Health, has been instrumental in the development of the scheme and will be providing ongoing support. She said, “It is fantastic to see Lincolnshire Police putting the wellbeing of their staff at the forefront of their thinking. The physical and mental health of a work force is so important and the introduction of the fitness mentors demonstrates the commitment Lincolnshire Police are making to improve the wellbeing of their staff.”

“It has been an exciting opportunity to develop further partnerships between the University and the Police and by using researchers like myself, we can help to create real impact.”

Support for the mentors is also being provided by YMCA Lincolnshire and their Head of Teaching, Trevor Mealing, who graduated from the School’s BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science programme. The YMCA will be delivering a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course for the mentors. Trevor said, “It’s an honour to work with an organisation taking such a proactive stance in not just the physical, but also the mental wellbeing of staff. It will be hugely rewarding to see the impact within the Force and within the community.”

Hannah (extreme right) and Trevor (fifth from right) at the scheme’s launch.

Congratulations to Hannah and Trevor, and we look forward to hearing how the scheme progresses. Full details can be found on the Lincolnshire Police website.

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